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CBRS Priority Access License: Putting your PAL to use

  • Region: NAR
  • Category: CBRS
  • Language: English
  • 60 minutes

How PAL licensees can maximize their investment. What are the effects of PALs on GAA Usage.

FCC Auction 105 for CBRS Priority Access Licenses (PALs) concluded with gross proceeds of $4.58B. But what’s next?

  • How and when can licensees put their spectrum to use?
  • How can Licensees offer their PAL spectrum for lease?
  • How can the CommScope SAS manage both partitioning and disaggregation?

Listen to the webinar replay and learn from our experts about PAL usage of the CBRS band. Some of the areas explored in detail are:

  • PAL Timeline
  • Role of SAS in PAL Channel Assignment
  • Claiming a PPA
  • PAL Allocation Scenarios
  • Secondary PAL Market
  • Impact of PAL users on GAA users

Webinar presenters

Rashid Bhatti Director, SAS Business Development CommScope

Andrew Beck Director, CBRS SAS CommScope

Mark Gibson Senior Director, Outdoor Wireless Networks, CTO, Regulatory/Analytics CommScope

Ariful Hannan Director R&D CommScope

View the webinar replay: