CommScope’s Low Latency DOCSIS®

Delivering the best round-trip latency for delay sensitive apps

网络延迟会导致游戏延迟、视频缓冲并使得AR/VR体验不太真实,让延迟敏感应用程序的用户感到沮丧。In addition, jitter, the variation in latency, adds to the problem by creating unpredictable response times for users.

Low Latency DOCSIS (LLD) creates a fast lane through the HFC network to significantly reduce latency and jitter, while providing network operators with a new revenue stream for high value, low latency services.

CommScope is ready with an end-to-end LLD solution that provides users with low latency performance from the home to the internet, and back.



Low latency, end-to-end

CommScope’s LLD solution is able to identify delay sensitive traffic, separating it and getting it onto the fast lane. This provides network operators with a powerful platform they can use to give subscribers the speed and responsiveness they need.


New service revenues

There are lots of gamers out there looking for the win. LLD gives them an advantage they’re willing to pay for—and provides network operators with a new revenue opportunity. LLD goes beyond gaming, creating opportunities for other latency sensitive applications like video conferencing, AR/VR, voice services, and more.

Lower latency, happier gamers

In gaming, you make a move and expect an immediate response—but latency can create lag and frustrate gamers. CommScope’s LLD solution addresses this by reducing round trip delay from hundreds of milliseconds to less than 15 ms. In addition, LLD reduces jitter for more predictable response times and a key competitive edge.


Industry’s first LLD solution

CommScope fills the gap between need and solution with the industry’s first end-to-end LLD system. The system extends the CableLabs LLD specification with an innovative means of identifying and getting low latency traffic onto the LLD fast lane—opening a whole new class of services.

DOCSIS leadership

When it comes to DOCSIS, you can trust CommScope for innovation and leadership. We have shipped over 200m DOCSIS devices and 10 thousand CMTS systems to network operators throughout the world.



CommScope continues to shape the network of the future. Our extensive portfolio, flexible architecture, and professional services capabilities enable service providers to continually evolve their broadband networks.
From material design to solving the most complex architecture or bandwidth challenges, our unmatched expertise in copper, fiber, wired, and wireless infrastructure underpins the networks of today—and tomorrow. We’re always anticipating what’s next, to ensure you’re always ahead.


2021 年及以后的宽带建设

There’s no doubt that communications networks are playing a greater role in our lives than ever. CommScope is the company to help you maximize your current network and invest in new solutions that can help you reduce latency, expand bandwidth, improve the upstream, and expand revenue opportunities for years to come.