ARRIS HomeAssure

ARRIS HomeAssure™

Available for: iPhone®, iPad®,  and Android OS version 5.0 and up


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The ARRIS HomeAssure™ App is a simple way to monitor and manage your in-home Wi-Fi network from the convenience of your mobile device. This app removes the barriers to being informed about your Wi-Fi network and the devices connected to it.

From this app, you can easily:

  • View attached Wi-Fi devices on your home Wi-Fi network, like tablets, PCs, televisions, mobile phones, and home automation controls / sensors
  • Learn about weak Wi-Fi signal locations in your home so you can improve signal quality through strategic Wi-Fi network extender placement
  • Make basic changes to your Wi-Fi settings to improve access to your Wi-Fi network for all devices, including guest devices
  • Ensure Wi-Fi devices optimize their Wi-Fi connections and periodically refresh these settings for maximum performance
  • Run and save speed tests between your Wi-Fi device and the Access Point to check if speed issues are caused by the Internet or your home Wi-Fi network
  • Set basic Internet Access / Parental Control rules for the different authorized Wi-Fi devices on your network to limit Internet abuse
  • The ARRIS HomeAssure app improves your visibility into your in-home Wi-Fi network, putting you in charge of your Wi-Fi experience!

This application is compatible with the following ARRIS products:

ARRIS DOCSIS 3.0 Platforms

  • DG2460: Wi-Fi Data Gateway
  • DG2470: Wi-Fi Data Gateway
  • DG3260: Wi-Fi Data Gateway
  • DG3270: Wi-Fi Data Gateway
  • TG1652: Wi-Fi Telephony Gateway
  • TG1682: Wi-Fi Telephony Gateway
  • TG2472: Wi-Fi Telephony Gateway
  • TG2482: Wi-Fi Telephony Gateway
  • TG2492S: Wi-Fi Telephony Gateway

ARRIS DOCSIS 3.1 Platforms

  • DG3450: Wi-Fi Data Gateway
  • TG3452: Wi-Fi Telephony Gateway

ARRIS Wi-Fi Extenders

  • AM525
  • VAP4402