What about physical security for your AV office equipment?

Video calls are a common form of communication and that isn’t expected to change as people slowly return to offices. As audio visual equipment becomes even more necessary, what can be done about physical security. LeaAnn Carl explains more in this blog.

iMvision-300x232After reading the recent blog post contributed by Anixter’s guest blogger Philip Langley, I found myself wondering if we need to discuss the security of these critical assets. We know that audio-video (AV) equipment often has built in security mechanisms available like password protection and encrypted signals. But what about physical security? Phil mentioned that the need for AV equipment has never been stronger and that seamless management is essential. One way to secure this equipment is the same way that we secure other elements of the overall physical network by using Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM).

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Secure Your AV Equipment using an Automated Infrastructure Management Solution

AIM systems, such as CommScope’s imVision, are designed to track and notify in real-time when unauthorized connectivity changes take place. AIM systems can also instantly show end-to-end physical connectivity information along with logical link status for switch ports. It can also identify and track the location of networked devices that are connected through the cabling infrastructure. All this information is vital for troubleshooting and proactively monitoring the integrity of physical circuits that are connected to critical video equipment. Applying AIM to AV equipment can facilitate seamless management of this equipment in addition to minimizing disruptions and expediting troubleshooting in the event there is an issue.

Another Layer of Physical Security

It is conceivable that service level agreements may start to creep into existence for AV as all types of businesses and governments operate remotely and rely heavily on the availability and dependability of AV.  Now is probably a good time to consider AIM to add another layer of physical security to your AV networks.