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Monetized wifi

Facebook Connectivity正在让更多的人能够使用更快的互联网,这也是Facebook使命的核心——赋予人们建立社区的力量,让世界更紧密地联系在一起。Facebook Connectivity正在与全球数百家合作伙伴通力协作,以期找到一种全新的方式,让那些没有互联网的人也能使用更快、更可靠的互联网。其中一个Connectivity项目是Express Wi-Fi,这是一个端到端软件即服务平台,通过提供各种工具帮助运营商构建、运营和发展Wi-Fi业务,并以可持续且可扩展的方式实现盈利,从而使运营商能够推出和运营高质量的Wi-Fi网络。

Express Wi-Fi is a solution to help operators and local entrepreneurs offer fast and affordable internet access in public spaces. Express Wi-Fi seeks to help operators provide internet to those who don't have reliable or affordable access, while at the same time enabling local entrepreneurs to build a business of their own. 阅读更多

Ruckus and Facebook bring Wi-Fi to developing countries

 As an active partner in Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi initiative, Ruckus is providing its virtual SmartZone™ controller, as well as indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points (APs) to power connectivity hotspots in the above-mentioned countries.



Ease of management

SmartZoneOS-powered controllers combine scalability, tiered multi-tenancy, architectural flexibility and extensive APIs into a single centrally-managed element.

Smart technology

SmartZone network controllers enable enterprises to simplify network management through consolidation and use of built-in troubleshooting and analytics tools.


Operators can manage subscriber data traffic on a massive scale and integrate traffic flows and network data into existing network architecture.


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