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Ekahau is the innovation behind smart wireless networks. We are the global leader in solutions for enterprise wireless network design and troubleshooting. 超过50%的财富500强公司使用Ekahau的Wi-Fi规划和测量解决方案来运行其网络。我们的软件和硬件解决方案可通过最大限度地缩短网络部署时间并确保在所有行业、项目规模、建筑基础设施和复杂性水平下实现足够的无线网络覆盖,以设计并管理卓越的无线网络。我们为Wi-Fi规划、现场调查、故障排除和优化提供最易用、最可靠的解决方案,并由此得到广泛认可。

Indoor location tracking over RUCKUS Wi-Fi

Ekahau’s Real Time Location System (RTLS) operating over RUCKUS WLAN infrastructure is a powerful tool to improve asset utilization, enhance quality and reduce costs.




Optimized wireless coverage

Ekahau RTLS performance and reliability are greatly improved by running over RUCKSUS’s patented technology that optimizes wireless coverage.

Asset location

Ekahau RTLS automatically locates every asset, including key staff members, in and around your stores, providing improved product positioning, reduced asset and product losses and higher customer satisfaction.

Simplified deployments

RUCKUS WLAN adapts to real-time changes in environmental conditions to constantly optimize range and capacity. It extends signal range (Wi-Fi coverage) 2 to 4 times with fewer APs and radically simplifies deployment and administration.


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