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Cloud-based Reporting, Dashboards and Analytics for Your Ruckus Network


Ruckus Analytics is a cloud service that delivers detailed reporting, informative dashboards and machine-learning-powered analytics for your Ruckus wireless network. Comprehensive network intelligence enables proactive IT and helps you meet internal service level agreements. With streaming network telemetry from network devices and a modern data stack, Ruckus Analytics transforms data into deep insight. You gain unprecedented visibility into what’s really going on in your wireless network. You get the information you need to be much more efficient in network service assurance—freeing your time to focus on other projects.

Gain at-a-Glance Insight into Network Health

The service continuously monitors network health relative to SLAs that you define. You gain visibility into core metrics that characterize network performance, like connection time, connection success, client throughput, AP uptime and more. Set the desired performance level for each metric and the service displays the percentage of devices where the network meets that service level. Change the SLA or define the time frame over which you want to display health charts with a few mouse clicks. You can measure—and demonstrate to others—service levels without the need to manually process the data.

Leverage Incident Analytics Powered by Machine Learning

Ruckus Analytics brings the power of machine learning to wireless network service assurance. The service automatically establishes a normal range of behavior for each network element, without requiring any input from IT. Then it uses machine learning to automatically identify service incidents related to connectivity, performance and infrastructure that affect user experience. It classifies them by severity according to factors including duration and number of devices affected. You can tell at a glance which incidents deserve your attention right away and which are a lower priority. The system identifies root causes and makes specific recommendations for how to address any issues.

Accelerate Troubleshooting for Network Service Assurance

Advanced client troubleshooting gives you a simple and flexible way to search for clients affected by network service issues. You gain a complete picture of client experience for easy connectivity and user experience diagnostics. You can see when specific clients experience successful, slow or failed connections. See when roaming and disconnect events occur. Gain access to quality metrics and information on network incidents that affect users. Better troubleshooting makes you more productive because you spend less time diagnosing problems. Users are happy because they can get back to work faster.

Increase Visibility with Detailed Reports and Summary Dashboards

The Ruckus analytics main dashboard gives you a high-level summary view of network operations right out of the box. You can easily click through from the top level to the most granular level of detail. The Data Explorer tool lets you create customized dashboards tailored to your needs. You have a data warehouse at your fingertips for exploration—slice and dice the data any way you want. A wide variety of pre-packaged reports lets you track network performance, traffic patterns, application usage and more. The service lets you download reports as raw data, a PDF file or a CSV file. Forward the results to stakeholders inside or outside the organization.

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Cloud-based Reporting, Dashboards and Analytics for Your RUCKUS Network